If you are paying child support to the Child Support Receiving Unit and you love staying out of jail, you need to pay attention.  This is a perfect example of how no good deed will go unpunished.

The best way to explain this is with an example.  Suppose you’ve been ordered to pay $100 in child support every Friday.  It’s a pain to have to send a check to the Receiving Unit every week, so you look ahead and see that January has five Fridays.  In order to save yourself some time and effort, you decide to pay the entire month at once and send a check for $500 on January 1st.  You don’t plan to make another payment until February 5th.

You may think you’re doing a good thing.  Planning ahead.  Being prudent.

Would you like to know what Child Support Services thinks?  They think the extra $400 you paid at the first of the month was a lovely gift to the other parent and you missed four payments of $100 each.  You are in contempt of court and you should spend 10 days in jail for each missed payment.

Do this enough times and I can assure you they (actually their computer) will sue you for contempt of court and you’ll find yourself in front of a judge.

It sounds silly, but it happens.  Your best bet is to pay your child support according to the schedule in your child support order.  If you need to modify the order for some reason, contact an attorney for help.  Often a modification to the payment schedule is relatively easy to do, but requires the approval of a judge.

If you are in a situation anything like this, contact me for help.