If you have made an appointment for a divorce consultation, you should come to your consultation with the assumption that we may decide to go ahead with the divorce procedure.

Divorce documentsThe process begins with composing several documents that must be signed and filed with the court.  The divorce complaint isn’t very complicated, but there is certain information that is required.  The information I will need from you includes:

  • Full names of both parties including the maiden name of the wife
  • Mailing address for each spouse
  • Birth dates for both parties and all the minor children
  • Place of birth for each spouse
  • Social Security numbers for both parties and all of the minor children
  • Date and place of the marriage
  • Number of previous marriages of each party
  • Social Security numbers for each spouse and all minor children
  • Location of all pieces of real property owned by the parties
  • Name and address of each spouse’s employer

Also, depending on what grounds we decide to claim as part of your divorce, I will need to compose a short summary of what happened that caused you to want to end your marriage.  Unless we are only going to claim the ground of irreconcilable differences, you might want to consider writing a summary of the events that caused you to schedule a divorce consultation.

You might want to consider making a list of your questions so you can get the most from your consultation.  Don’t be concerned that your questions may seem silly or dumb.  My job is to help you understand and be as comfortable with this process as possible.  I’m not expecting you to be knowledgeable about the legal process, so there are no stupid questions.

Finally, keep in mind this is just the preliminary information I need at your first divorce consultation.  In order to proceed with your divorce, I will need a lot more information from you, which I will list in a separate post.