A bill proposed by lawmakers in Alabama would create a “covenant marriage”, which would make obtaining a divorce more difficult for the couple.  The optional marriage would require the couple to attend marriage counseling before they get married, and they would also be required to attend marriage counseling before they could file for divorce.  Also, couples in a covenant marriage would have fewer grounds to choose from when filing for divorce.  The grounds are limited to:

  • adultery
  • one spouse has abandoned the home and has refused to return for one year
  • emotional or psychological abuse
  • or the couple has lived apart for at least two years

Opponents raise a number of objections, one being that it may be more difficult for the victim of abuse to escape the marriage.  I can see the concern, but the bill does have a provision that allows a person to obtain a divorce without the counseling or delay if there is evidence of abuse.

Right now, there’s nothing like this in Tennessee.  I just thought it was interesting.