I want to hear your story.
I want to know what you want.
I want to fix this problem for you.

When you meet with me, you’re here because you have a problem.  I understand what its like to have problems, and I know it’s hard to ask for help.  At first I won’t do much talking because I’ll be too busy listening to your story.  I need to know everything that’s going on.  I need to know how you got where you are today, and I need to know how your adversary put you in this position.  I’ll probably have a lot of questions.  If you don’t have all the answers, it’s OK.  We will work out how to get the information we need.

As your attorney, it is my job to tell you what the law can do for you.  Sometimes the law can get you what you want, sometimes it can’t.  Together we will work out a plan to solve your problem and I’ll explain to you what is involved and how long it might take.

You have trusted me to handle what may be the biggest problem you’ve ever had.  The process of taking your case to a judge is confusing and involves a lot of steps and terms that will be unfamiliar and confusing to you.  I try to explain everything in plain english so you will understand your options, what is happening, and why it is important.   You need to know all this because you are always in charge of your case.  I will bring all proposals and offers to you first and we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages before we proceed.

Your case.  Your solution.  I will help you get there.


I grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota, and I received my bachelor’s degree from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.  I went on to earn a master’s degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois.  For many years I worked as a tooling or manufacturing engineer designing a wide variety of metal cutting tools for domestic and international automotive suppliers.  I even patented two designs for fixtures which continue to be used in precision machining.

While still working as a tooling designer for a local company, I received a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Nashville School of Law, graduating in the top ten percent of his class.  Soon after, I opened a solo practice in Nashville, Tennessee helping people deal with a variety of problems such as divorce, child custody and visitation, personal injury, issues concerning adults and children with disabilities, as well as general civil litigation.

I admitted to practice in both Tennessee and Federal Courts, and I practice primarily in Davidson and surrounding counties.  I have experience representing clients in all phases of litigation including motion practice, mediation, and jury and bench trials.  Recently I have associated with Marie Stacey and Jim Watson to form a team to better serve my clients with a wider variety of legal issues.