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Property Division During Divorce

30 September, 2009 by Lawrence in Divorce, Property Division
My clients are often very concerned about the property division in a divorce. Everybody has heard stories about someone getting "cleaned out" and being left with nothing while their spouse lives in the lap of luxury. Does this really happen? Is it fair? What can you do to stop it? read more...

Can Same-Sex Couples Get a Divorce in Tennessee?

29 September, 2009 by Lawrence in Divorce
A court in Indiana has refused to grant a divorce to a same-sex married couple. What would the result have been if they had lived in Tennessee? read more...

Defenses to Adultery in Hugh Hefner’s Divorce

14 September, 2009 by Lawrence in Divorce
If Hugh Hefner lived in Tennessee, would he be able to divorce Kimberly Conrad because she committed adultery? read more...

Divorce Procedure in Scotland

28 August, 2009 by Lawrence in Divorce
A quick look at divorce procedure in Scotland