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Grounds for Divorce

13 November, 2009 by Lawrence in Divorce, Uncategorized
Tennessee is a fault-based state, which means that the person asking the court for a divorce must show that there is some basis, or reason, for the marriage to end. The statutes offer many different possible reasons (called "grounds"). read more...

Letterman May be Facing Divorce

As could have been predicted, rumors are that Letterman's wife wants a divorce. If so, I'll be watching with interest as his case would touch on a couple of issues I've written about recently. I had written about whether or not Hugh Hefner's wife could use "adultery" as grounds, and I've ... read more...

Defenses to Adultery in Hugh Hefner’s Divorce

14 September, 2009 by Lawrence in Divorce
If Hugh Hefner lived in Tennessee, would he be able to divorce Kimberly Conrad because she committed adultery? read more...