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Aggressive Lawyers Sanctioned for Accusing Each Other of Being “Mentally Disabled”.

In previous posts, I’ve written about aggressive lawyers who aren’t really helping their client’s cases, and I’ve written about lawyers being scolded by the court for encouraging conflict rather than seeking resolutions. ┬áIf you’re still thinking that hiring the ... read more...

Why Lawyers Should be Working to Reduce Conflict

23 December, 2010 by Lawrence in Divorce, Representation style
Aggression can have it's place, but often outright aggression serves little purpose beyond causing delays, more conflict, and more expense. Believe it or not, attorneys are bound by ethical standards which require us to move your case along and keep fees reasonable. read more...

Is Your Lawyer Assertive, or Just Aggressive?

4 September, 2009 by Lawrence in Representation style
A look at whether assertive or aggressive representation is more appropriate for your case. read more...