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Why You (Probably) Can’t Withdraw a Signed Marital Dissolution Agreement

2 November, 2016 by Lawrence in alimony, Divorce
When you are working your way through your divorce, you might come to a settlement with your spouse and sign a marital dissolution agreement (as well as a parenting plan if you have children).  Once the parties sign the marital dissolution agreement (or “MDA”), you’ve finished ... read more...

What is a Marital Dissolution Agreement?

A marital dissolution agreement (sometimes called an “MDA”) is a document used in irreconcilable differences divorces.  It’s basically a contract between a husband and wife to end their marriage and divide all the marital property and marital debts.  In order to properly draft ... read more...

Grounds for Divorce

13 November, 2009 by Lawrence in Divorce, Uncategorized
Tennessee is a fault-based state, which means that the person asking the court for a divorce must show that there is some basis, or reason, for the marriage to end. The statutes offer many different possible reasons (called "grounds"). read more...