If you are thinking that the high divorce rate is uniquely American, take a look at this article (link was removed) from Malaysia.  In an effort to curb the rising divorce rate caused by “body odour, humdrum sex and boring pyjamas”, the Malaysian government is hiring marriage consultants to teach people how to spice up their sex lives.

I’ll admit that I’ve never filed a divorce based on the spouse’s choice of pajamas, but boring sex and lack of attention to personal appearance are common complaints.

You don’t have to live with any of these problems, however.  At the very least, the use of boring pajamas can be easily cured, but you need to take some action.  Nobody is going to fix your problems unless you seek help.  There are many excellent marriage counselors out there, and one of them could help you and your spouse improve your marriage.

If your spouse is unwilling to make some small changes and make things better, then it may be time to consider divorce.   That sounds harsh, but there is no good reason to be unhappy, and life is too short to be attached to someone who won’t put any effort into the relationship.

Whether your solution is counseling or divorce, you need to make a change.  If divorce is your answer, contact me for help.