Think your divorce is messed up?  Chances are you’ve got nothing on this story (link removed) out of California.

Violence and torture in divorceKidnapping, drugging, torture

Mohammad Hanafi of Hawthorne, California is currently on trial on accusations that he and a friend kidnapped his wife and proceeded to torture her for five days until she signed the paperwork that would give him all her assets as part of their divorce.

Five days of hell

It’s not clear who originally filed for divorce, but I’ll go ahead and stick my neck out and assume that Mr. Hanafi wasn’t pleased with the settlement negotiations.  According to Raisa Hanafi’s testimony, at the end of July in 2008, her husband and one of his business associates burst into her bedroom and forced her to take some pills.

When she resisted, he put a pillow over her face and sat on her until she stopped struggling and went limp.  She was then bound with tape, rope, and chains, and a ball gag was stuffed in her mouth.  The two men took her to a vacant apartment above Hanafi’s residence, where she stayed for four days.

The torture was both physical and psychological, as the men repeatedly assaulted her with a tazer, then discussed how they were going to kill her.  One of the options they discussed was cutting her into pieces and feeding her to the dogs.  Eventually, she succumbed and signed an agreement which surrendered all her assets to her husband.

Her husband also used torture to induce her to tell him where she had hidden the key to the safety deposit box where she kept their passports, jewelry, and cash.

Raisa escaped when Mr. Hanafi fell asleep and she was able to sneak outside and run for help.

Torture as standard procedure

After news of this incident broke, a former business partner of Hanafi came forward to say that he had been similarly kidnapped and beaten during a lawsuit he had filed against Hanafi in 2006.

This episode ended when the business partner dropped the lawsuit.

Divorce craziness

Yesterday I wrote about a local man who murdered his wife just after settling their divorce.  As I wrote yesterday, it’s not my intention to make people paranoid or live in fear of torture or murder.  This just an example of how crazy things get sometimes.

The vast majority of divorces are settled with little more than some hurt feelings or bruised egos.  If you feel you feel your situation is getting out of control, feel free to contact me to find out how I can help.